Тип: серп
Материал: кремень
Рубрика Каменные орудия и оружие

Двусторонний серп, неолит Дании (долктид), ок 1500 до н. э.
danish neolithic (late stoneage) flint bifacial sickle (nicked), approx. 3500 years old (very late neoliticum, know as dolktid, the golden age of flintwork).

The items come from a huge mesolithic/neolithic collection that I aquired on Toftholm Auctions back in 1994. Unfortunatly, there is no information concerning where any of the artifacts in the collection were found, other than in western Zealand, possibly the Aamosen area and/or vicinity.

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Всадник, хазары, бронза, Кавказ

Двусторонний серп, неолит Дании (долктид), ок. 1500 до н.э.