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A Mesolithic to Neolithic perforated stone 'mace head' measuring 174 x 124 x 54mm and weighing 1655mm. The original length was about 10mm greater due to damage at one end. The object has utilised a dull red pebble with narrow darker bands. The central perforation is c23mm at it narrowest and c47mm at its surface.

The precise purpose of perforated objects such as this is uncertain. It may be that they were intended as symbols of authority although a more practical use cannot be ruled out.

Date from: Circa 6000 BC
Date to: Circa 2000 BC
Length: 174 mm
Width: 124.35 mm
Thickness: 54.48 mm
Weight: 1655 g

Region: South East (European Region)
County or Unitary authority: Surrey (County)
District: Tandridge (District)
Parish or ward: Outwood (Civil Parish)


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