Кремневое сверло, поздний мезолит Великобритании
Grey flint borer. Flake with long parallel flakes struck from its dorsal side and with a smooth concave ventral surface. A point is defined by short abrupt retouch executed from the dorsal aspect along one of its sides. Milky patina on all struck surfaces suggests a long period of exposure to a calcareous environment after deposition. Suggested date: Late Mesolithic, 7000-4000 BC.

Length: 32.3mm, Width: 17.2mm, Thickness: 4.9mm, Weight: 2.87gms

Region: East Midlands (European Region)
County or Unitary authority: Lincolnshire (County)
District: East Lindsey (District)
To be known as: Binbrook


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Наконечник стрелы, бронза, черняховская культура (?)

Кремневое тесло, мезолит Великобритании, Гэмпшир