Топор кремневый, мезолит Великобритании
A complete knapped flint 'Thames pick' trancet axe core tool of Mesolithic date (c.8300 - 3500BC). Not All of the cortex has been removed, with some remaining on the dorsal surface. This is an assymetrical tool with a flat broad bladed end, the opposite end is rounded and crudely finished. The upper surface has a high central longitudinal ridge, bevelled to each side except for where the cortex is preserved. The sides are almost parallel rather than the usual tapering profile expected of this tool type, there is a lot of platform preparation and impact damage along the edges. The lower surface is far shallower, bevelled to each side, with longer, far more shallow, removals all over. There are a number of hinge fractures on the lower surface, possibly later damage.

Length: 18.5mm
Width: 53.97mm
Thickness: 46.05mm
Weight: 587g


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