Рубрика Неолит

Полированный топорик в форме слезы, неолит Великобритании
A polished stone axe of Neolithic date, (3500-2100BC). The object is teardrop (or pointed oval) in plan and oval in cross-section. It has been ground and polished smooth and is pitted in places down one face. The axe has a wide cutting edge and is a mottled dark brown - black in colour.

This axe may ahve been sourced from County Antrim where from the Neolithic quarry at the foot of Tievebulliagh Mountain. Axes from Tievebulliagh or Rathin Island off the Antrim coast, where this rare rock type also occurs, have been found across Britain. Similar examples of Tievebulliagh porcellanite can be seen iin the Malone Hoard containing nineteen polished stone axes.

Subsequent actions

Current location of find: Museum of Liverpool

Subsequent action after recording: Acquired by a museum - not a Treasure case

Date to: Circa 2100 BC

Dimensions and weight

Quantity: 1

Personal details

Recorded by: Ms Vanessa Oakden

Identified by: Ms Vanessa Oakden

Secondary identifier: Mr Ron Cowell

Other reference numbers

Museum accession number: MOL.1969.219

Materials and construction
Primary material: Stone
Manufacture method: Ground/polished

Completeness: Complete


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