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Каменный ладьевидный сверленый топор. Дания
Теги: каменные сверленые топоры,
An exceptional Nordic boat axe, one of the most iconic objects of the Neolithic age, with an outstanding provenance.

The axe of eponymous boat like form, with central perforation for a wooden pole.

A delicately carved weapon, surely intended for ceremonial or votive purposes. Very little art survives from the European Neolithic age; boat-axes such as this are therefore much admired and sought after works that demonstrate the skill of the Nordic craftsmen.


Length: 8 1/4 inches


Condition: Unrestored, intact. Mounted on a beautiful bronze base.

Provenance: Formerly in the collection of Lars Otto Johan Holst (1863-1936), a veterinary surgeon who was active in Ronneby, southern Sweden from around 1887. Mr. Holst took a strong interest in the prehistory of ancient Scandinavia and he obsessively acquired throughout his career, forming one of the most magnificent collections of early Stone Age artefacts. He obtained these objects from around Ronneby, partly through gathering himself, and partly as payment for work done in his service as a vet between 1887 - 1929.

Please note that the new purchaser will be provided with a copy of two photographs showing Mr. Holst in his office and his collection mounted on the wall. The new purchaser will also be provided with a colour image of the original board, where this artefact is clearly identifiable.


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