Острие на отщепе, кремень, леваллуа, мустьер, Гран-Прессиньи, Франция
Typology : Levallois Point.

Material : Flint of quality Gem. The famous local Flintstone was formed during the Turonian period, upper Cretaceus, circa 93.5 to 89 million years. Some oddly shaped nodules are found, the larger pieces are flat.

Cutting : To make this tool Neanderthalensis used a flake off a Levallois core. The point and the edges are finely retouched ; the ventral face shows a bulb of percussion and some retouches along the edges and point.

Dating, hominid : This implement belongs to the Mousterian Culture (Middle Paleolithic period, around 300 00 to 30 000 years ago), and was conceived by Homo NEANDERTHALENSIS.

Origin : Found in the reknown area of the Grand-Pressigny ; discovered in the Creuses ancient riverbed, where the Flint was polished in the turmoils of the sands and waters.

Sizes : 3 1/4 inches X 2 inches or 8.5 cm X 7 cm

Weight : 108 g

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