Остроконечник, кремень, мустьер, Франция, Дордонь
Type: point on Clacton flake

Paleolithic Period, Industry: Middle Palaeolithic / Mousterian

Dating: the particular site from approx. 80.000 to 40.000 B.C.


Size: length 6,0 cm, weight 33 grams

Shape, Retouch: an uncommon asymmetrical point on Clacton flake with very small platform remnant. The left edge has a a flat retouch on the interior side at the most convex part, and splintered use-scars on the exterior side. The right edge has a fine retouch at the straight distal part, it is partly covered by matrix from the original site layer.

Raw-material: creamy patinated flint

Preservation: very well, no modern damages

Origin, Site: a Neanderthal settlement site in the valley of a tributary of the Dordogne, occupied in late / terminal Mousterian and Chatelperronian

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