Каменный сверленый топор, поздний бронзовый век Великобритании (Nackengebogene Axt)
Найден в Темзе. Импорт с терр. совр. Германии и Дании (Nackengebogene Axt)

Late Bronze Age (800BC - 700BC)

Battleaxe with a ground surface and circular perforation for the insertion of a wooden shaft. The stone is "amphibolised dolerite" which is not found in Britain (Sectioned at Institute of Geological Sciences, November 1977). It is without known parallel in Britain which suggests it was a continental import. Similar examples have been found in Germany and the Netherlands (where they are called Nackengebogene Axt). By this time stone was no longer used to make tools which suggests this was a prestigious item rather than a functional tool. It was found in the Thames at Syon Reach in 1913. Purchased from G. F. Lawrence.

Dimensions: L 144 mm; W 49 mm; T 44 mm

Accession number: A11961

Case number: LBL4.3b

Place of collection: Syon Reach


Macdonald, Jean; O Connor, Brendan (1979). A Foreign Stone Axe from the Thames at Syon Reach, Middlesex. Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society 30, 176-179

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