Копье, бронза, бронзовый век, Саффолк, Великобритания
A complete cast copper alloy basal looped spearhead of Middle Bronze Age date. It comprises a leaf shaped blade with prominent midrib that is lozenge shaped in section. It has a conical, circular socketed end and small elliptical loop-plates at the point where blade and socket meet, and between the midrib and the blade edge the faces have moulded concave keeling. The surfaces of the object are relatively well preserved, although patches of a greenish corrosion with small areas of corrosive products are visible in places. Much of the blade itself retains its copper alloy colouring, although the socket end is mainly patinated medium to dark brown. The socket has a severe ancient crack measuring 29mm in length that has separated to over 4mm in width. The blade also shows signs of damage in the form of a variety of ancient cracks, sometimes extending from the blade edge to the midrib. There are also three clear notches on the blade edges, two on one face and one on the other, which are all ancient. At about the same position as the largest of these notches there is a small dent on the top of the midrib. All of these small notches and dents are indicative of use wear (warfare perhaps?), and the tip of the spearhead itself is slightly rounded, particularly when viewed in profile, suggesting repeated sharpening. In a number of places there are very small fresh breaks exposing the copper alloy beneath and this may have been a result of more recent activity or perhaps the excavation process. This spearhead measures 210mm in length, 42.92mm in maximum width, at the socket measures 25.42mm in width by 24.39mm in height and 19.85mm in internal diameter, with a total weight of 186.31g. This spearhead dates to the Middle Bronze Age, or c.1500-1200 BC. The tip from another basal looped spearhead was also found in the same field and recorded in the Suffolk HER (MNL 140), as well as a small section possibly from the socket(?) of a similar object (see SF-40ADF6). A very close parallel is provided by a complete example from Lakenheath, Suffolk (see Davis: Fig. 61.254). Another basal looped spearhead found very close parallel
Sub class: Basal-looped

Broad period: BRONZE AGE
Period from: BRONZE AGE [scope notes | view all attributed records]
Period to: BRONZE AGE [scope notes | view all attributed records]
Date from: Circa 1500 BC
Date to: Circa 1200 BC

Dimensions and weight
Length: 210 mm
Width: 42.92 mm
Thickness: 24.39 mm
Weight: 186.31 g
Quantity: 1

Materials and construction
Primary material: Copper alloy [scope notes | view all attributed records]

Spatial data
Region: East
County: Suffolk
To be known as: Mildenhall

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